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I am about to write what I think is a very good idea for me to accomplish and I cant believe I am sharing it here with you! Damn! Okay here goes.

This is to writers, wannabe bloggers, fashion lovers- and whoever is curious to see where this goes 😀

If you have access to the net type in the words “FASHION BLOGS IN KENYA” and see the stuff that will come up. There are sites like this which I kinda liked, but felt that there was something missing. I checked out some other blogs that  were okay-ish  too and then it hit me. What was missing in all those blogs is MAJOR KENYAN FASHION.

Lets face it, the number of people who would go to YAYA center to buy KIKOROMEO designs is obviously smaller  compared to the number of people who would go shopping at Githurai, Gikomba or Kongowea in Mombasa. I admit that I love Kikoromeo designs but how much are they? can I , a campus student whose HELB loan has come late, afford to buy a dress for 10000 shillings just because its Kenyan designed? Why would I spend all that on one thing when there are other  beautiful dresses at 500 shillings?!


The problem with Kenyan fashion designers and bloggers is that we are looking at the international market too much. They make this and that for export. Oh! this appeared on the New York runway! It is okay to be known by only the rich people who can afford your clothes, but while you are making your money, how popular is your label anyway? Wonder why labels like CALVIN KLEIN and TOMMY HILFIGER are huge? Because other than making the expensive runway stuff,  they made everyday things which even we Kenyans buy on daily basis. Which Kenyan designers spend their sweat and energy making fabulous T-shirts, shorts and jeans? Who so far has pimped the lesso so fabulously that it is their trademark?

Most of the population that is chic and fashionista is youngsters. We can’t afford the kind of ridiculous prices some Kenyan designers place on their clothes! Unless you’re a rich kid- which most of us aren’t! Does it mean then that we cannot look good? Hell no! We will just keep buying the mutumba of international designers like CHANEL which are actually cheaper! I know they are second hand but if they look fabulous and they aren’t torn or stained, they beat buying a single thing at 10000 shillings!



Fashion and style is in us but for some twisted reason, we are hell bent on making our stuff out of reach to most Kenyans! The major problem with us is that, more than we want to make a name, we want to earn big money fast! Jewelers at Maasai market sell their stuff so expensive it is like they were meant to be out of your reach! Yet if you are creative enough, you can go buy your own beads and accessories at extremely cheap prices and make your own unique accessories! fashion and style need not be expensive! Whis is what most fashion designers and bloggers don’t get.

If you are a blogger who is running a fashion blog or wants to, picture this : Kenyatta university has designers who make fabulous designs yet they are an untapped talent. They make easy to wear stuff that are stylish and come at very affordable prices! If someone took time to review street fashion, highlight these designers and took some time to check out fashion in Kenyan streets that would be one hell of a fashion blog that will be popular in no time!

Take a look at fashionistas in town- forget those models on FACE OF AFRICA! Just highlight  ordinary Kenyans with extraordinary style. trust me even i would follow that blog- that is if i don’t start one myself ;))

Think about it.